Welcome to Public Engagement

The Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology is committed to engaging the public in discussion of our research. We carry out a host of activities to engage with the general public, school children, teachers and visitors to science festivals.

Each year we are involved in and run a number of projects such as:

  • Events, such as Life Through a Lens drop-in, at the Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh each year
  • Midlothian Science Festival (each year in October)
  • Glass Lab, the creation of stunning glass art that represents science
  • Working with local Liberton High School with Life Through a Lens (each year in June)
  • Facilitate local school pupil access to teaching labs and meeting our researchers (first time June 2016)
  • Kickstart lab on campus for senior school pupils (each year in July)
  • Working with SSERC to provide teacher training on site
  • Edinburgh International Science Festival (2012)
  • Orkney Science Festival (2012 & 2015)
  • Athens Science Festival (2016)
  • Touring schools with the workshop 'Life Through a Lens'


Our overall aim is engage the public and schools in discussion of cell biology research. You can read more about how we will achieve this aim and how we govern and evaluate what we do in the two documents below.

WTCCB Public Engagement Strategy

WTCCB Public Engagement Evaluation Framework