Welcome to Public Engagement

The Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology is committed to engaging the public with our research.  .

Each year we are involved in and run a number of projects such as: 

  • Tattoo my Science, at the Meadows Festival. Using the art of tattoos to share our stories with adults at a festival.
  • Glass Lab: the creation of stunning glass art about our research which has led two major exhbitions, including RNA World in 2019 and  'Glass Life' in 2016, both took place in the Royal Botanical Gardens Edinurgh glass houses.
  • Cell Block Scienceis a unique public engagement with research partnership, funded by Wellcome, bringing innovative science into prison learning centres. It involves many partners of which our centre is one, we have been working at HMP Edinburgh. Find out more here.
  • Pupils in Labs project: facilitating local school pupil access to labs and researchers (June and Nov/Dec each year from 2016 for pupils studying Higher and AH Biology).
  • Midlothian Science Festival (each year in October)  community-based festival. Our centre helps to run the Science Alive Gala day, the schools program, and we also help govern the festival.
  • Engage Nepal, led by researcher Alba Abad Fernandez, this new project aims to spread the culture of engagement to a region of Nepal, where we will be supporting a research centre and a community.
  • Experimental Garden, a new garden at the Royal Botanic Gardesn Edinburgh. An engagement garden where the planting and the sculpture are driven by engagement with research.
  • In the past, we have also toured Scottish schools with the workshop 'Life Through a Lens', run Life Through a Lens drop-in at the Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh, created 'Experimental Stories' at the Edinburgh Storytelling Centre and took part in Leith Labs at Ocean Terminal and attended Athens Science Festival (2016), Hong Kong Science Festival (2014), Edinburgh International Science Festival (2012), Orkney Science Festival (2012 & 2015)

Our overall aim is engage the public and schools in discussion of cell biology research. You can read more about how we will achieve this aim and how we govern and evaluate what we do in the two documents below.

WTCCB Public Engagement Strategy

WTCCB Public Engagement Evaluation Framework

We have an advisory group that help us create and direct our work and strategy, the members are:

Lyndsey Clark (external consultant), Jessia Fox (external flimmaker & writer), Stuart Dunbar (Public Engagement Lead for College of Science and Enginering), David Tollervey (Centre Director), Partick Heun (Engagement Champion) and Alba Abad (Post Doctoral Researcher).


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