Engaged Researchers Reward Scheme

Researchers who participate with public engagement are eligible for the centre's award scheme.

The awards are:

  • Bronze – taking part in a single day’s activities
  • Silver – supporting a more complex project with several days of delivery or development
  • Gold – developing, running and evaluating a new engagement project supported by the centre PE team
  • Prize - ‘Prize for Outstanding Public Engagement’ by a centre team or individual, awarded annually. Award money to celebrating success: money both for personal use, rewarding volunteers & further engagement.

The awards will be presented in Spring and Autumn each year at a special centre's weekly coffee meeting.

The Annual prize will be awarded each year at either the centre's retreat or the schools conference.

The 2019 recipients of the prize for outstanding public engagement is Dr Alba Abad Fernandez, Wellcome Research Associatte (pictured) and Dr Natalia Torrea