Public Engagement

The Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology is committed to engage our target communities in our cell biology research, and why we do fundamental research, to the mutual benefit of the communities we engage with and our centre.

From our perspective, one of the biggest issues is to the overall vision of this program is to understand how people think about fundamental scientific research and the impact it can have on society. We believe that progress in fundamental understanding leads to many societal benefits. 

Therefore our aim is to engage our target communities in order to:
• Establish a relationship of mutual trust between them, us and our research. Create a safe space for discussion.
• Empower the public to make informed decisions about our research and biomedical & fundamental research generally. Ensure a two-way dialogue.
• Encourage curiosity and science as a way of thinking, and a way to systematically look for answers.

Download the centre's public engagement strategy (PDF 151.79 KB)

Download the centre's public engagement evaluation framework (PDF 1.39 MB)