Here you will find some of our past events and events coming up in the future.

Some examples of events we run are:

  • Glass Lab project: using glass to create beautiful objects and exhibitions in public & non-university spaces.
  • Tattoo my Science: using temporary body art, based on our research, to start one to one conversations. Designed for use at a festival with adults and teenagers.
  • Life Through a Lens for public events: a suite of mostly microscope-based activities for a wide range of audiences that can be used to start conversations about scientific thinking and cell biology.
  • Pupils in Labs: getting senior biology school pupils (S5&S6) into our building for a day, using teaching labs to do a practical they cannot access at school and to spend time in our research environment.
  • Life Though a Lens workshop for primary school pupils (P4-P7), experiments and a play in five acts, leading pupils through scientific thinking, basic microscopy, and our research.
  • Genetic Engineering workshops, engaging S3 & S4 pupils in how genetic engineering works, what it can be used for and how they feel about different uses.


We are currently working on some new activities, which we hope to launch soon:

  • Electron Microscope Open Use - An oppertunity for the public and artists to use one of our electron microscopes. 
  • Auction of Science Images - An auction of electron microscope images created by researchers. Researchers will describe the research behind the image and provide a description to the buyers.